Making a difference at street level

Blanket the Homeless is proud to announce that we are now in partnership with Harm Reduction Therapy Center, a 501(c)(3) that, since 2018, has been providing integrated mental health care and substance use treatment to San Francisco’s houseless community. HRTC’s mission is in perfect alliance with ours and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with them.

Since 2018, HRTC has set up weekly pop up “clinics without walls” on the street in 4 different neighborhoods in San Francisco. By first paying attention to people’s basic needs and wants, HRTC has created a therapeutic milieu that attracts 100’s of people to seek therapy and other services.

Most of HRTC’s clients are houseless, and many do not fit easily into mainstream services. All of HRTC’s treatment services are located in very low-threshold environments. Their own center is a beautiful converted warehouse in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. To maximize accessibility to the widest possible range of clients, they also offer harm reduction therapy in more than a dozen other community locations throughout the City.

Additionally, in 2018 HRTC was asked to pilot new ways to reach homeless youth – youth who have escaped very traumatic lives and who live in the parks and on the streets in community with each other. HRTC works to provide these young people with the knowledge that they are deserving of unconditional love and acceptance. That they deserve to grow into adults confident in themselves and in their abilities.

From this point forward, any donations made to Blanket the Homeless will immediately be routed to HRTC in support of the great work they’re doing. As part of their program, they will continue distributing our BTH Care Packages, including an updated Resource Directory …



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